Since it was established over 20 years ago, the world of iGaming has undergone an endless cycle of improvements and evolutions. For the most part, the changes have largely been focused on convenience, user friendly designs, and other quality of play enhancements. One change, however, was monumental, adding an entirely new genre to the world of iGaming: Live dealer games.  
The High Roller Casino, being big fans of Live casino entertainment, decided to take a closer look at this cutting-edge evolution. We also provided a few tips in regard to the pros and cons of the genre in general and outlined why high stakes players should get in on the action.


Standard casino games work via dedicated RNG software, emulating the casino experience in digital form. These versions have become exceedingly advanced, with impressive graphics and enchanting audio. Some would even say that they provide an experience that is so close to the real thing, it is almost like being there. Well, the next logical step in this evolution is the jump to Live casinos.
Instead of creating simulations of casino entertainment digitally, award winning studios decided to simply bring a real dealer right into the player’s home. Live casinos are, essentially, a video feed of a real, professional croupier, broadcast in real time. This means that, for all intents and purposes, it is no longer a simulation of a casino game, but the real thing. Of course, the broadcasts are integrated with cutting edge software, meaning that bets can be placed, and payouts can be won, as with any other form of online gambling.


Contrary to popular belief, Live casinos have been available since the mid-2000s. It was then that the world started switching to faster, more affordable broadband connections, thus making the technology possible. But, the first broadcasts were still fairly limited in the early days, and only a handful interacted with online gambling in this way.
In 2006 Evolution Gaming, later to become the Evolution brand widely known and loved today, started to take things to the next level. The company launched the first full suite of table games, with a studio based in Eastern Europe. This early version, interestingly enough, allowed players to not only select a game that they would like to play, but also the dealer they preferred.
The iGaming industry at the time was sceptical that the genre would be a success, given the belief was that players were far more accustomed to the speed of Random Number Generator versions. However, it became immediately clear that although Live dealer versions were slower, players were delighted with the freedom to interact with humans, as opposed to software.
It wasn’t long before Evolution opened a number of other studios, 8 in total, and quickly became a leader in the iGaming genre.


Of course, before playing at a site that offers Live dealer entertainment, an account will have to be created at the site, and a deposit will have to be made. These games are not available for free, so you’ll have to wager real money.
In terms of the actual gameplay itself, as would be expected, Live casino games are mostly played exactly like the regular versions. On screen prompts provide convenient, easily understood buttons, allowing for the placing of bets and other necessary actions. So, if the player is familiar with the chosen game, such as Roulette or Baccarat, there should be no problem in understanding how to play.
Unique titles based on money wheel games or board games, such as Dream Catcher or Live Monopoly may have unfamiliar rules but are simple enough to play once the basics have been grasped.


In looking a bit closer, what exactly are the differences between Live versions of gambling entertainment, and the regular types? The most obvious factor is that Live versions, naturally, involve a professional croupier. But why is this important? 
For many players the inclusion of a human and real studio designed to look like a casino or Prive lounge compensates for the perceived flaws of digital recreations. Which is to say; some players believe that the purity of the gambling experience is lost in a simulation, given that the many intricacies of physical games cannot be recreated. A physical Roulette wheel, for example, has many tiny imperfections, which are not recreated in simulations. Plus, the social benefits of interacting with a human speak for themselves.
But beyond this, there are a few key differences between Live casinos and standard titles. Since a Live dealer interaction is real time, it means that the player must submit to the natural flow of events. In simulations, the pace will always be exactly how the player prefers, with no waiting of any kind necessary. Naturally, when a real time video feed is used, bets can only be placed at the appropriate time, and there is no fast forwarding past the normal flow of events.
Plus, Live versions of favourites, such as Roulette, Poker and Baccarat, tend to have their own special betting options and other bonus rules. Although the core rules are always followed, additional options may be provided to add a dash of excitement.


So now that more information has been provided on how it all works, The High Roller Casino also took a look at what is currently available, and what the options are. These are some of the things you should look out for when deciding on a Live casino title to play.
The first thing to look at is the software itself. Although the interaction is based around a video feed, there is still software involved, as well as sets, themes, and other intricacies. Evolution is the most popular company offering Live dealer entertainment at present, and is likewise well known for providing excellent quality, stable broadcasts, and a host of interesting betting options. It is, however, up to the player to decide which studio they prefer, based on personal preference.
The next thing to consider is the promotions, bonuses, and other awards. First deposit bonuses and other such rewards won’t be provided by the game itself, but instead by the casino. Though, since the Bonus Cash or other prizes can be used to play, it is certainly worth looking into. As mentioned in many The High Roller Casino reviews, a site is only as good as its promotional offers.
Attention should also be given to the customer support offered at a casino. If any problems are encountered during the course of play, customer support will be needed ASAP. The availability of that support, and its reliability, will suddenly become very important. That’s why Live chat support is always best and has become the gold standard.


There are Live dealer versions of most traditional table games, including Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, 3 Card Poker, all released by Evolution.
Plus, more recently Evolution has introduced a whole new type of Game Show style gambling. Unique, interesting titles such as Live Monopoly, Deal Or No Deal, Crazy Time, and Dream Catcher have all been launched. These new additions to the genre are known for being quirky, unexpectedly humorous, and a great deal of fun.
Some other studios include Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, and Vivo, all of which bring their own special version of the genre to the mix. 


Live dealer games are an amazing advancement in the world of iGaming and are quickly becoming the preferred way to gamble online. Some high roller casino players may still prefer the regular, simulated versions, however, which are still widely available at all gambling sites. Regular versions do have some perceived advantages in terms of players being allowed to play and progress events at their own speed. To put it another way; digital versions are for those who like to focus on the gameplay and aren’t too concerned about social interaction and chatting to the dealer or other players at the table.
Live versions, on the other hand, provide unparalleled immersion, and an experience that cannot be recreated in digital simulations. Be it real playing cards, real Roulette wheels, or real Money Wheels, it is all happening in a studio, and being hosted by a professional. It isn’t hard to understand why some prefer their online gambling via video feed.


Who is the best Live casino developer?

There are a few great studios that develop and broadcast Live dealer entertainment. However, the most respected studio right now is Evolution, the company responsible for the popular Dream Catcher and Crazy Time.

What is the difference between Live and regular casino games?

The key difference is that Live versions are based around a real time feed of a human dealer, in a professional broadcast studio. Regular versions are entirely based around RNG software emulations of casino games.

Can I play on my mobile device?

Yes, Live casinos are accessible on mobile devices. It is, however, important to ensure that the device has a fast, reliable connection to the internet. It is best if the device is connected to a strong WIFI signal, which will ensure that the video feed is smooth, high quality, and reliable.

Which casinos offer live dealer games?

Most of the top casinos feature these games in their portfolios. We’ve made choosing a high roller casino easy, so you can pick from a site that we recommend.

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