High Roller Casino VIP Guide - How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker

A very popular game at high roller casinos, surprisingly little is known about the origins of Texas Hold’em. But the Texas Legislature has officially recognised Robstown, a city in Nueces County in that state, as the birthplace for this online Poker smash-hit, dating it back to the early 20th century. This beloved Poker online variation then spread across Texas and made its Las Vegas debut in 1963, at Corky McCorquodale’s California Club.

The game continued to find favour with players in 1970 when Benny Binion opened the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino. But that’s not the only change this title has seen at high roller casinos. The way it’s played has evolved as well and these days you can enjoy live and virtual games directly on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet!


Each player gets dealt 2 private, or hole, cards that belong solely to them. Then 5 Community Cards get dealt, facing up, forming what’s called The Board. Everyone in the online Poker game will use these along with their hole cards as they try to make the best possible 5-card hand. You may use any combination of the 7 cards available to you and your hand can include 0, 1, or both of your hole cards.

There are 4 major variations of Hold’em available at most high roller casinos distinguished from one another by their different betting limits:

How to Play

When you play Texas Hold’em online, you’ll see a marker called The Button or The Dealer Button. This tells you which player is the nominal dealer for the game in question. Before play begins, whoever is clockwise to the button will post the Small Blind, the first forced bet. The high roller casino game player clockwise from the Small Blind posts the Big Blind, typically 2X the size of the small. But the size of these blinds can depend on the stakes and what wagering structure is in force.


In Limit Poker online games, for example, the Big Blind is the same as the smaller. And sometimes the Small Blind is not half the size of the Big Blind. In a US$2/US$4 Limit game, for instance, the Small Blind is US$1 and the Big Blind US$2. But in a US$15/US$30 Limit game, the Small Blind is US$10 and the Big US$15. And No- and Pot-Limit games are referred to by how big their blinds are. So if you see a US$1/US$2 Hold’em game posted, you’ll immediately know that the Small Blind is US$1 and the Big US$2.


Then, depending on the game’s structure, high roller casino game players may also have to post an Ante bet into the pot. This is another kind of forced wager, usually smaller than either Blind.


Now each player will receive their 2 hole cards and betting begins, proceeding in a clockwise direction, starting with whoever is Under the Gun, another way to indicate whoever’s seated clockwise from the Big Blind.


Players will be able to Bet, Call, Check, Fold, or Raise and what’s possible depends on what the previous player opted to do. If nobody has wagered yet, players can Check, decline to bet but hold on to their cards, or Bet. If a player at the high roller casino has wagered, then whoever follows can Call, match the amount of the previous bet, Fold, exit the game, or Raise, increasing the size of the preceding wager.


After an online Poker player has seen their Hole cards, they can play that hand by Calling or Raising the Big Blind. This action starts to the left of whoever paid the Big Blind and is seen as a Live Bet for the round in question. Then the option to Call, Fold, or Raise comes around and action continues clockwise. Betting continues on every round until all active players have made an equal contribution to the pot and this section of play is known as the Pre-Flop.


Then it’s time for The Flop, which sees 3 cards being dealt, facing up. Betting on these begins with the active high roller casino player immediately clockwise from The Button and wagering options are similar to those available in the Pre-Flop. But, if nobody has placed a bet yet, the player could choose to Check, thus passing the action on to the next player clockwise.


When the wagering action for the Flop is finished, the Turn is dealt to the Board, also facing up. This is the 4th Community Card in Hold’em and is also sometimes referred to as 4th Street. Another round of wagering will unfold, starting with the active Poker online player clockwise from the button once more.


When betting is finished for the Turn round, the River, or 5th Street card is dealt facing up on to the Board. This is the final Community Card for this high roller casino game and wagering for this round kicks off with the first active player clockwise from the button.


Should there be more than one online Poker player remaining after the Turn, the last person to Bet or Raise will need to Show their cards. If no wagering took place in the final round, the first player clockwise from the button will need to do this. And the best hand wins!


If two or more players end up with identical hands, the pot gets divided equally between them. This can happen more often than you think because, in Hold’em, all suits are equal.


Once the pot has been awarded, a new hand can be played. The high roller casino dealer button will now move clockwise, to the next player, and Blinds and Antes will be posted once more before new hands get dealt.


Hands in Texas Hold'em

In Texas Hold’em games, the hand rankings from highest to lowest are:

1. Royal Flush

The A, K, Q, J, and 10 of the same suit.


2. Straight Flush

Five cards in sequence, all of the same suit.


3. Four-of-a-Kind

Four cards of the same rank.


4. Full house

Three-of-a-Kind with a Pair.


5. Flush

Any 5 cards of the same suit not in sequence.


6. Straight

Five cards in sequence, not of the same suit.


7. Three-of-a-Kind

Three cards of the same rank.


8. 2 Pairs

Two different pairs.


9. Pair

Two cards of the same rank.


10. High Card

If you haven’t been able to form any of the above hands, the highest card will play, starting with Ace.      

How to Win in Texas Hold’em Poker

One of the many reasons Texas Hold’em is so popular at high roller casinos is because it relies so heavily on your skill and knowledge to win. It’s not a question of Lady Luck’s fond affections, or at least it isn’t totally. Here are some further tips to increase the likelihood of a win:

Many online Poker players shoot themselves in the foot by being too self-important at the table. Concentrate on the cards in front of you and focus on seeing what winning combinations you can create, not any illusions of grandeur!

Certain hands can be played for a longer period of time but anticipate the likelihood of having to Fold many times when you play this game at our recommended high roller casinos.

Always adjust your Poker online hand to represent card values after these have been dealt. This way you’re less likely to make a mistake as you focus on creating the best possible value hand by combining your hole cards and the ones on The Board.

If you’re sure you can make strong hands, like a Royal Flush, then go for it! This is an almost sure way to beat your fellow players. But don’t write off the possibility that those around you are holding potentially valuable hands as well.

You need to fully commit to the game in front of you, so make sure that you have enough money available to do whatever you need to do to get to the last round. It’s vital that you know when to quit so that you can budget for when you could win playing this game at high roller casinos.


The Royal Flush, with the A, K, Q, J, and 10 of the same suit.

Three, the Small Blind, the Big Blind, and the Ante.

These are cards that are dealt directly to you and that only you can use to create a winning hand.

You can Bet, Call, Check, Fold, or Raise.

The pot will be split between you.

And remember, the best games of Texas Hold’em Poker can be played at our recommended high roller casinos!

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