What is a High Roller?

By now, whether you’re an online casino regular or not, you’ve probably heard of the term high roller, and the expression is somewhat self-explanatory. A high roller, or whale, is a gambler who frequently and consistently wagers large amounts of money, either at an online or land-based casino, sportsbook or any other gambling establishment. There is an interesting, somewhat symbiotic relationship between a high roller and a casino, in that these players often contribute decently to the net income, by means of both wagering high and also regularly playing back their winnings. As such, establishments will often go out of their way to keep high rollers loyal, and regularly reward them for their patronage. In the online space, this is achieved by means of special bonus deals and dedicated hosts, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Why Become a High Roller?

Before indulging in this question, it should be known that becoming a high roller or VIP at an online casino is not necessarily something just anybody can wake up and decide to do. The most basic requirement boils down to one thing: having adequate disposable income. In general, there are far fewer high rolling players online than their lower-rolling counterparts, but for those who make the cut, there are a number of perks and boons to anticipate, which we will discuss in more detail below.  

Designated VIP Host and Support

There are plenty of online casinos that boast rewarding loyalty programmes, with different levels offering different rewards or perks. These levels tend to be traversed naturally and over time, as a player continues to wager and play at their chosen online casino, earning loyalty points. Perks can include anything from extra loyalty points or a percentage of their wagers back as bonus. Very often, the final level, which can go by such names as VIP, Privé or Platinum, offers a unique VIP experience, whereby the player is assigned a dedicated casino host, or at the very least access to a dedicated VIP team. Depending on the online casino in question, the high rollers may be in direct contact with their host, and be the recipient of personalised rewards.

Special Bonuses

In line with the above, higher rollers and VIPs at online casinos are often the recipients of special bonuses and/or match offers. Whether this means that they will be exempt from the standard offers or promotions run by the casino will differ from place to place, with some players being loyal enough to receive both standard offers and special offers. This is by no means an industry-standard, with each online casino operating differently. In some rare instances, a high roller who prefers not to play with bonus credits, may just strike an agreement to receive cash credits instead.

Private Tournaments

There are plenty of online casinos that run tournaments and events, with prizes awarded for a certain number of players reaching specific positions on a given leaderboard. Given the massive wagers often placed by high rollers and VIPs, it only makes sense that they would have an unfair advantage when pitted against other, more standard players. As such, VIPs and high rollers at online casinos often qualify to participate in special private tournaments or competitions, with the associated prizes more in line with their wagering habits.

Enhanced Deposit and Withdrawal Preferences

In line with stringent safety and security measures, the most reputable online casinos in the world will have in place the option for players to set depositing and wagering limits on their accounts. No matter where you choose to play, it’s important to pay attention to an online casino’s support for responsible gambling. When it comes to high rollers and VIPs, of course, special arrangements can sometimes be made to ensure that these players can quickly and easily place the kinds of bets that they’re used to. As an exception to an industry-standard rule, some of the biggest players may even be allowed to fast-track their withdrawals beyond the usual pending periods.

High Table Limits

In line with the above information, higher rollers and VIPs at online casinos can sometimes be granted access to higher betting ranges. While most online casino games that you can play will have a max betting amount, there can be instances, perhaps more in the live casino space, where that max amount can be extended. Again, this depends entirely on the type of game being played, and the agreement between the player and their casino host.

Private Event Invitation

Some online casinos go the extra mile and offer their VIP and high roller players invitations to exclusive events and vacations, often giving them the opportunity to meet their hosts and the customer support team in person. Again, this is not necessarily the case across all online casinos, and is generally not something that is advertised across the board.

Tips on How to Become a High Roller

With the seemingly lavish treatment afforded to VIP and high roller casino goers, one might wonder how to become one. The most obvious answer would, of course, be to be able to afford the ability to place large wagers on the casino games of your choice – without negatively affecting your bankroll. Should you have what it takes to become a high roller, then some of these tips could be helpful:

There is certainly no cut and dried formula for becoming a high roller or VIP at a casino, and the main trick is, really, just having the means to become one. For most of us, this isn’t really a viable option. For a lucky few, of course, there is much to look forward to.

The casinos featured on The High Roller Casino support responsible gambling, and in no way encourage players to wager in increments beyond their means. All material contained herein is purely for informational purposes. 

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