Blackjack Online Strategy Guide

Blackjack online is amongst the most popular games in casinos around the world, and for very good reason. It is one of few genuinely skill-based gambling games, with the chances of winning dramatically increased by the strategies employed by the player.

It is, of course, possible to simply play casually, throwing down bets and asking for cards based on intuition. But a skilled player is always guaranteed to win more in the long run. For this reason, it’s a great idea to understand the game on a deeper level, especially if you wish to play it at a high roller casino.

First and foremost, let’s be sure that the basics of Blackjack online are understood. Here is a quick recap.

Understanding The Basics

The core concept of playing Blackjack online or at a land-based casino is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. It is not, as some players still tend to believe, to get as close to 21 as possible. If the player stands on 13 and the dealer goes bust, it is still a winning hand.

A key factor to keep in mind is that the dealer must have one card face up, which gives important clues as to how the player should proceed. That single face up card will be a determining factor in many cases, and professional players will make many of their decisions based on the potential the face up card holds.

It is also extremely important to understand the table that has been chosen. Different high roller casino tables utilise different rules, which can drastically alter the game. Casino Rewards VIP tables may also have higher stakes or differing requirements.

Take note of the following:

Key Strategies

With the basics out of the way, here are the strategies that we will be looking at in more detail.

Double Down On Hard 11

It’s a simple Blackjack online strategy and easy to understand.

If you have been dealt a hard 11, Double Down instead of Hitting. This rule counts regardless of the dealer’s face up card. Yes, there is a certain degree of risk involved, but in this case the risks are minimal, and the chances are good that a win will be achieved.

Doubling Down means that the standard bet is double, and the player is dealt one more final card.

Always Split 8s and Aces

Most will always split Aces, given that it is as smart a move as joining a Casino Rewards VIP program and reaping the rewards. The magic Ace holds enormous potential and having a pair of them is just about the best blessing a player could ask for at an exclusive casino. It stands to reason that a pair of Aces should always be split, regardless of the dealer’s face up card.

On the other hand, many players tend to not split 8s, because of the difficult position the number 8 represents in Blackjack. But there is a trick that these rookies are overlooking; a single hand of 16 is generally riskier than 2 hands of 8.

It can seem confusing, but it is indeed safer to have 2 hands of 8, than 1 hand of 16. In this case it is a calculated best of 2 evils situation.

Neither 16 nor 2 hands of 8 are particularly great, but less will be lost with the 8s in the long run.

Never Split 5s or 10s

2 5s is a hard 10, and some may make the poor decision to Split the 10 up. But having 2 5s is certainly not better than having a hard 10 when playing at a high roller casino. It is far wiser to take a card with the 10 and face the consequences rather than attempting to turn the 5s into something worthwhile. A hard 10 has some excellent potential and should be stuck with in most cases.

On the other hand, in the case of having 2 10s, Splitting them may seem like a good idea, and it may well result in winning hands.

But don’t be fooled.

Sticking with the 20 is, of course, an excellent play that will more often than not result in a victory. It is a matter of statistics; the 20 is far more likely to win statistically speaking, than 2 hands of 10.

Don’t ignore the obvious fact that 2 10s are going to require an additional bet, and that the extra wager needs a win in order to cover its own cost. Winning in Blackjack online with a single 10 is nothing more than breaking even, whereas the 20 will likely result in a profitable win.

Double Down On 10

This one is obvious, but it helps to have it hammered home until it resides in a player head permanently. A hard 10 is amongst the best hands a player can be dealt and Doubling Down is the best approach in the majority of cases when playing at an exclusive casino. But there are a few caveats here to take into account.

Most Blackjack online players are aware that if the dealer’s up facing card is a 10 or above it is an enormous red alert and means a stance of caution should be adopted immediately. This red alert doesn’t turn off, even when a healthy hard 10 has been dealt.

Only if the dealer’s face up card is a 9 or less should the Double Down be initiated. If the face up card is a 10 or above, it is better to Hit instead.

Again, in the long run this strategy will pay off.

Never Take The Insurance Bet

This isn’t a controversial rule by any means, since, yes, the fact of the matter is that accepting the insurance bet is statistically a terrible idea. To be more specific; the odds offered by the insurance bet of 2 to 1 don’t make it a worthwhile risk. Not by a long shot.

The chances of the dealer getting 21 are nowhere near 2 to 1, so the amount being paid for the insurance is a far cry from being a fair proposition.

In a similar situation at a high roller casino, if the player is dealt a hand of 21 and the house has an Ace showing, the dealer will make the offer of paying out even money and not looking at the facedown card. This is nothing more than an insurance bet disguised. Once again; never accept this offer since the odds don’t add up. Rather look for a Casino Rewards VIP program that offers an enriching bonus and use it to play for longer instead. That’s a far wiser alternative to taking insurance.

Hit On 16

We mentioned the red alert zone earlier, which is when the dealer has a 10 or above showing. Yes, it is a bad place to be when playing Blackjack online, and in the vast majority of cases it is always better to take the risk and ask for another card. If the red alert zone is in effect, and the player has been dealt 16, another card should be called for. The risk is enormous, but statistically speaking the chances of winning if Hitting are the better option.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the flipside also applies. Which is to say it’s often also a good idea to stand on 16, if the dealer has a face up card that is not in the red alert zone.

Check The Payouts

This is a very important rule, and an absolute necessity to keep in mind. The thought tends to be that Blackjack online is always the same, and as long as the same rules apply it is all just as fair. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Standard rules at most exclusive casinos state that when a 21 is scored by the player, that the payout should be 3 to 2. This means that if a bet of 10 coins was made, the payout would be 15 coins. That’s a good payout and is largely accepted as the correct ratio for the game.

However, in some cases certain tables will offer only payouts of 6 to 5 odds. This gives the casino a significant edge.

In fact, the house edge escalates by roughly 1.45%. This may not seem like a lot, but it certainly is in the world of gambling.

Enjoy The Experience

Lastly, it should be remembered above all else that playing Blackjack online is about having fun. Learning strategies is the best way to win more at a high roller casino, but having fun is the biggest benefit the game offers, always.

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