The Top High Roller Casino Table Games

If you’re serious about playing with the whales, you need to know about the top high roller casino table games. High rolling players flock to them like moths to a flame, and for good reason. They offer timeless suspense and thrills, they have high betting limits, and the potential payouts are nothing less than spectacular.

The best high limit casino games are not the product of a single provider. Instead, several developers and providers have created titles that appeal to high rollers. It’s no surprise that you will find a mix of live dealer and games that use RNG software to produce results. Either way, they offer VIP online casino players exactly what they’re looking for.

A Selection Of Games

The top table games at the finest high roller casinos online include those that most players think about when they imagine the attractions of the most prestigious gaming venues. First on the list is Roulette, also known as the King of Casino Games.

Next is Blackjack, which has the honour of being the world’s most popular card game. Baccarat, which is the most widely played card game in Asia, is another of the gaming options that has helped many players work their way up the tiers of their casino VIP program. As can be expected, Poker is another of the entertainment options favoured by players who want to enjoy big, bold betting action. Last but not least, Sic Bo is the go-to for high rollers who prefer betting large sums of money on rolls of the dice.

VIP Live Roulette

Players who want high roller casino action at the Roulette tables turn to the editions created by Evolution Gaming. The provider that specialises in live dealer entertainment online and on mobile has created 3 different variations of the classic gaming option specifically for players who are looking for higher betting limits.

One of them is a VIP edition of Immersive Roulette, which is the popular European variant that uses multiple cameras for shots from different angles, and that offers slow-motion replays. The high limit casino game edition is set in a luxurious studio that is worthy of VIP players, but that’s not all. You also can enjoy unrivalled levels of service at the table.

As for playing Immersive Roulette, it is no different to the classic variant offered in most casinos around the world. You guess which of the wheel pockets the ball will land in, and then place the corresponding inside or outside bet.

Another is VIP French Roulette. Like the high roller casino edition of the European variant, it offers high-limit betting in a luxurious environment in which you can enjoy incredible service. The French edition also offers the zero bets with their traditional French names, and it uses the La Partage rule. According to that rule, if your even-money bet loses because the ball lands in the 0 pocket, half your bet is returned to you.

VIP online casino Auto Roulette is live Roulette with a difference. It features a real wheel and table in a luxurious setting, but there is no dealer. Instead, it uses a fully automated precision wheel that keeps the action going. You could play between 60 and 80 rounds in an hour.

High Limit European Blackjack

Created by Microgaming, High Limit European Blackjack is an RNG-based edition of the most popular variation of 21. The rule that deals the dealer’s second card after you have made your move is one of the reasons it’s such a popular VIP online casino game.

Another reason is that High Limit European Blackjack really does offer high betting limits. The minimum bet is 20.00, and the maximum bet is 1,000.00. What’s more, you can place an Insurance bet if the dealer’s first card is an Ace. According to other rules, the edition is played with 2 decks of 52 cards in the shoe. If you win with a Blackjack, the payout is 3:2. If you win with any other hand, the payout is 1:1.

If you prefer playing the classic card game with live dealers and real playing cards, you are sure to love Evolution Gaming’s VIP Live Blackjack. The high limit casino game is played in a gorgeous setting, and it offers you an array of optional extras. You can place 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets, as well as Insurance bets. You also have the option of Split Pair bets and of doubling down. The Deal Now button lets you speed things up, if need be.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is the high roller casino game of choice in Macau, and its popularity among Asian players has led to a worldwide revival of it. Recognising this, Evolution Gaming created several amazing editions of the iconic card game.

Although the 2 hands that are dealt are known as the Player and the Banker, you are not limited to betting on the Player. If you do not want to bet that the Player hand will win, you can bet on the Banker instead. Alternatively, you can bet that the round will end with a tie.

The edition that is most popular with members of casino VIP programs is Salon Privé Baccarat. Played in an elegant high-end setting, it features high limits and Macau-style bean-shaped tables. The edition offers high-level customer service and a VIP room manager, and it lets you choose your dealer. You also can control the shuffle and speed of play by using various controls on the interface.

To add to the exclusivity of the high limit casino game, you can join the Salon Privé tables only if you meet the minimum bankroll requirements. For a different VIP gaming experience, try your hand at Evolution Gaming’s Live Control Squeeze Baccarat. The limits may not be as high as they are in the Salon Privé, but Live Control Squeeze Baccarat does offer the notorious reveal known as the Squeeze. What’s more, the use of cutting-edge technology allows you to reveal the hands at the end of the round.

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em

For high rolling lovers of Poker, Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em is the game they look for at the best high roller casinos online. The product of a creative partnership between Evolution Gaming and Scientific Games, it is one of the most popular live house-banked versions of the 5-card game.

The provider tweaked a few of the rules so that you play against the dealer rather than the other players at the table, and to make gameplay faster. The latter was achieved by compressing two of the betting stages into one. Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em starts with placing Ante and Blind bets, and you can place an optional Trips bonus bet at the same time.

After the initial deal, you have the option of placing an early Play bet, which can be as high as 3x or 4x your Ante bet. Alternatively, you can place a Play bet after the dealing of the Flop or the River, in which case the bet can be 1x or 2x your Ante bet. When all the betting stages are complete and all the community cards have been dealt, the strongest hand you can form will be compared with the dealer’s best hand to determine the winner. The Trips bonus bet pays out independently of the dealer’s hand.

Super Sic Bo

Members of online casino VIP programs who enjoy dice games usually make Evolution Gaming’s Super Sic Bo their first choice. Playing this title does not require much more than guessing the outcome of the rolls of 3 dice, and then placing a bet. There is a wide range of betting options, which adds to the excitement.

What really adds to the thrill of Super Sic Bo is the random multiplier element, which is RNG-based. After placing a bet, but before the dice are shaken in their special holder, the RNG springs into action. It may assign a random multiplier to one or more betting options, and those multipliers could be as high as 1000x. If the multiplier is assigned to the betting option you chose, and you win, your payout will be multiplied by that amount.

Microgaming’s editions of online Craps are good alternatives for players who want high roller casino gaming with dice. Craps is traditionally associated with high-limit betting, and Microgaming has took that into consideration when developing its editions of the dice game.

You can bet as much as 1,000.00 on the outcomes of the rolls of dice. The betting options include Come bets, Pass bets, props bets, odds bets, and more.

High Roller Action

As appealing and potentially rewarding as they are, the table games mentioned above are not the only ones that attract VIP online casino players. Use our reviews and recommendations to find other options from Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and other top providers.

The games are powered by top-notch software, and they are licensed by reputable authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority. You can trust them to offer heart-racing thrills and fair chances to win big time after time.

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