Best High Roller Casino Reward Programs in Canada 2021

When it comes to the finest high roller casinos in Canada, you need look no further! We have them outlined right here for your convenience after compiling a list determined by our tried-and-tested, expert review process. As your dedicated one-stop-site for all things related to high-end online gameplay, we felt it was the least we could do!

Learn more about why you should give these sites a chance and how to gain access to some truly outstanding casino rewards. These include bonuses, free bets, and free spins and are offered to you for playing the games you would be enjoying anyway.

What Are Reward Programs?

When we start talking about VIP casino rewards, we are discussing a way for players to be recompensed for betting large sums of money. The bonuses provided are tailored to you and the way you like to play, and will be linked to the games you most enjoy.

Like most loyalty schemes, there are different levels of VIP status at high roller casinos, most linked to how many points you’ve been able to attain. These points are offered in return for placing bets at the site offering the casino rewards program and will be linked to the size of your bet and/or the high stakes games in question.

Different Types of Reward Programs

Rewards programs can be broken down into 2 basic types:

In points-based schemes, you will earn points based on how much you are betting, and these are geared towards people who play online casino games on a very regular basis. You will accrue more points the more frequently you are online, as well as according to how much you bet. These points can then be converted once you reach a certain amount and you will be able to exchange them for cash, entry into tournaments, free spins, faster withdrawals, and a reduced house edge at the high roller casino you are playing at.

Tier-based programs allow you to earn ever-more generous casino rewards as you progress through the levels they’re made up of. Where you are depends on your wagering habits and corresponds to different reward levels, so at the starter level, for example, you would get $1 for every 2 500 points that you accumulate, but at a higher one, you would need just 1 000 points to earn that same amount.

The Benefits You Can Look Forward To

Benefits are so desirable because they boost your bankroll, making it possible for you to place bigger bets and win more. Should you get your own account manager as part of a rewards program, your queries will be answered faster, and you’ll have access to increasingly valuable special offers, bigger bonuses, and better promotions.

You could also receive tickets to special events, like concerts or big sporting events, or even luxury holidays, and you can expect high-end gifts like state-of-the-art gadgets and cutting-edge accessories. You will also be able to enjoy quicker withdrawal times, and your deposit limits at the high roller casino will be higher.

The Best Online Casino Reward Programs

These sites have not only passed our testing systems, they’ve excelled! And what they give back to their players has put them on our list of the finest online casinos in terms of VIP casino rewards and everything else for players from this part of the world.

The more games you play at 888 Casino, the more you get back thanks to its VIP casino rewards program. The site’s Loyalty Points are redeemable for real cash. The more you play, the more points you accrue, and the more points you collect, the more free money you’re eligible for.

The VIP membership is invitation-only, but after you’ve received the nod, when you accumulate 300 000 Loyalty Points, you’ll upgrade to VIP Gold. Then you’ll go into Platinum status when you amass a further 750 000 Loyalty Points.

You’ll be able to enjoy high roller casino treatment like birthday gifts, faster payouts, first-rate customer service, tailored bonuses and promotions, weekly casino rewards, and many other fabulous perks.

The casino rewards program at this first-rate casino is called the Guts Squad and it benefits its members hugely. Once you’re a member of the team you can look forward to Priority Payouts, so you won’t have to wait around to get your winnings, and an Anniversary Bonus to celebrate each year that you’ve been a part of the Guts family. You’ll also get a Personal Squad Manager to take your telephone calls, respond to you via live chat, and answer your email enquiries in next to no time.

VIP players will be able to take advantage of very high betting limits, or get them removed completely, and low wagering requirements at they play top high roller casino games.

The minute you sign up for your new JackpotCity Casino account, you’ll have unlocked the 1st, Bronze, level of their loyalty club. Then, when you deposit, you’ll get 2 500 points, pushing you into Silver and unlocking a 3% level bonus reward as well as 25% more on the site’s daily specials.

After that, you’ll get points as you play and move through the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels, and, if you’re a dedicated high roller casino game player, you’ll probably receive entry into the Privé level. You can look forward to increasingly higher amounts of bonus credits, free spins, and ever-better instant prizes as you rise through the tiers.

The VIP Programme offered by LeoVegas™ has 99 levels and the higher you get, the greater the benefits. The possible prizes include exclusive invitations to elite events, fantastically generous birthday gifts, withdrawal services tailored to suit your particular preferences, and a Personal Account Manager. This is all above and beyond exclusive reward bonuses for valuable high roller casino players.

You’re automatically entered into the LeoVegas™ Reward Program when you finish registering for your new account. After that, it depends on how much and how often you bet. The higher you go, the better it gets when it comes to LeoVegas™ VIP casino rewards.

Royal Vegas Online Casino instantly enrolls you in its Loyalty Rewards Program when you open an account. Whether you win or lose the games you’re playing, you’ll still end up the richer thanks to this scheme! You’ll get 2 500 points for your first deposits, for example, which will push you right up into the Silver level of the VIP casino rewards program.

At this tier, every credit you wager on slots will earn you a point and every 5 credits you bet on a table game will get you the same. Once you reach a 5 000-point total you can redeem them for cash at a rate of 1 credit for every 1 000 coins, or you can keep collecting them. This is how you work through the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels, for bigger and better benefits over time from this top high roller casino.


Check out the questions we receive most regularly from our readers when it comes to the best high roller casino rewards programs in Canada. You may find that what you want to know has already been answered.

It varies from site to site, but most usually you’ll find that the biggest rewards are linked to the most popular games, like Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots. Remember to do your homework and regularly review the Bonus or Promotions tab to check out what’s on offer to maximize your benefits. Bear in mind that, in certain cases, a bet is just a bet, however, and the points you get are based on how much you’re wagering, not on which games you’re playing.

Usually not. VIPs are, after all, players who bet big and bet often! But the good news is that you’ll usually be automatically be entered into the site’s version of a loyalty programme after your first deposit clears, so there won’t be any extra paperwork for you to work through.

Usually, all you’ll need to do is sign up for a player account and make a deposit. But sometimes you may have to opt-in or wait until you receive an invitation from the site itself. It varies from operator to operator, so always double-check Terms & Conditions or reach out to the customer care agents if you’re unsure.

The answer here depends on how you play. If the requirements in terms of how much you need to deposit and how often you need to be at the site to qualify for the rewards they offer fit into what you’d be doing anyway, then they are absolutely worth it! But if you have to overhaul how you spend your time at online casinos so you can get something back, then they’re not. As ever, it comes down to what you like, and how you play.

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