The High Roller Casino’s VIP Guide to Online Rewards and More

Here at The High Roller Casino headquarters, we don’t just review and recommend an exclusive range of VIP venues to play at, but cover a range of topics from high limit games, to customised bonuses, loyalty programme perks and more. This page is purely dedicated to something somewhat different, though: what it means to be a high roller, what’s in it for you if you are singled out as one and join a VIP loyalty programme, as well as what benefits await you once inside this exclusive club. Ready to start exploring? Then join us below, as we explain exactly what a high roller is and expand on the perks you’ll instantly unlock, such as getting your own dedicated VIP account manager, access to incredible private tournaments and the potential to attend invite-only events with other VIP players who are also in the programme. 

What is a High Roller?

The dictionary definition of a high roller is someone who gambles large amounts of cash – in other words, high rollers are casino players with a certain affluence, who can afford to splash out on entertainment. While responsible gambling should be practiced at all times, high rollers are usually in control of their funds and betting behaviours without any outside assistance, but are encouraged to seek help should they ever feel this is no longer an option. High rollers often enjoy high bet limits to go with their bigger budgets and usually enter VIP programmes when displaying specific high roller behaviours once signed up to play at an online casino.

Why Become a High Roller?

Apart from the thrill of playing your favourite online casino games with high limit bets, entering a VIP programme as a high roller has scores of benefits, some of which we’ll breeze over below. Apart from the hosts, bonuses, private tournaments and events, though, is another benefit: the designation of being a high roller. That, perhaps, is the best feeling of all.

As a VIP player at one of our recommended casinos, you can look forward to:


A Personally-Appointed VIP Host

Not only will VIPs have access to high roller support, but will also qualify to be personally taken care of by a dedicated VIP host. Your go-to for any pressing matters, your host will go out of their way to assure you enter and exit the casino in good spirits, every time.

Tailor-Made Bonus Offers

From personalised deposit-based match bonuses and specially crafted promotions to customised bonus arrangements, VIPs and high rollers can look forward to an array of exclusive casino promotions whenever logging in.

Private VIP Tournaments

VIP programmes often give high rollers the opportunity to compete against each other for sought-after prizes in exclusive casino tournaments. These events will be advertised in the relevant spaces or communicated directly to players, facilitating healthy competition amongst players where the winner gets full bragging rights – and a plump reward, which could include anything from bonus credits to cash prizes, trips and more.

Exclusive Invite-Only Events

Perhaps one of the most anticipated perks of being in a VIP programme is the potential to be hosted at private events, which may be one-night wonders, weekend affairs or extended trips with other high rollers and their partners. Invite-only, these prestigious social gatherings are not only laced with slick entertainment itineraries and luxury stays, but filled with feel-good conversation, proving to be a popular way of getting closer to the account managers you speak to on the phone or via email, but never get to meet in person.

How to Become a High Roller

The truth of the matter is that, apart from acquiring newfound fortune, being a high roller isn’t quite something you can become rather than be. So, while we can’t tell you how to become a VIP, we can certainly let you in on the things VIP online casinos look for when scouting for prospective candidates for their exclusive programmes.

The first is sustainability. Of course, for any lasting bond to form, whether in the commercial or personal space, a certain level of trust is required. The longer a casino and a high roller ‘know’ each other, the stronger their relationship will be – and the more beneficial for the VIP in terms of tailor-made offers, which will naturally take on a practical form in terms of long-term sustainability.

The second is loyalty. Most casinos – and VIPs – see loyalty as a two way street. If a high roller proves their loyalty to a particular casino, the more likely they are to be considered committed players – and with commitment comes unmatched rewards and top-level treatment.

Last, but not least, is responsibility. VIPs who display responsible gambling behaviour will stand out from the crowd and show that they are fully capable of being in control of their gaming at all times.

If you are sustainable, loyal and responsible, there’s every reason for you to be hand-selected for a VIP programme at an online casino.

VIP Loyalty Programme Perks

VIPs enjoy the best benefits, thanks to high roller loyalty programmes. While it’s true that online casinos reward all their loyalty programme members for their wagering activity, high rollers tend to reap much better rewards than the average player – this includes some perks we’ve already mentioned, such as special bonus offers, private tournaments with exciting, tangible prizes and faster accrual of benefits, to mention just a few.

It’s important to remember that each casino will have its own unique VIP reward programme in place, which will function according to its own set of rules, so while we can’t go into specifics here, it’s safe for you to assume that the benefits mentioned above will be on offer. How you qualify to receive these, however, is up to the casino in question.

For example, one of our featured casinos, Spin Casino, runs a level-based VIP loyalty programme. Upon registration, all players earn 2500 loyalty points and start wagering as bronze level members. The more players wager, the higher the possibility of them climbing up the levels, from bronze all the way through silver, gold, platinum and diamond – with the highest possible level being reserved for privé players exclusively.

Once at the top, VIP members can look forward to a tailor-made assortment of promotions, exclusive bonus offers, private casino tournaments and more, all the while earning loyalty points on the sign, which can be exchanged for bonus credits at the casino in predetermined increments. Of course, points are earned faster than regular players too, meaning VIPs get to enjoy more time on their favourite games when exchanging their loyalty rewards.

VIP Betting Limits

High limit betting is a drawcard at any high roller venue, and it’s no different with our reviewed casinos. You can bet your bottom dollar that all featured sites at The High Roller Casino offer superior VIP betting limits on a range of cutting-edge games, ensuring variety and player satisfaction at every turn. What’s so great about high limit betting? In the VIP space, high limit betting allows you to enjoy the freedom to bet and play alongside other high rollers, according to your available entertainment budget. Understandably, you don’t want to go through the annoyance of repeating bets that are below your expected range. With high limit bets, this will be a thing of the past.

When playing at The High Roller Casino’s recommended sites, VIPs are also given full reign over whether they would like to set personal overall betting limits at their chosen casino, which ensures that responsible gaming practices are always in place.

Banking at a High Roller Online Casino

Banking as a VIP or high roller has infinite benefits. Not only will you be able to access a range of trusted brands for all your deposits and withdrawals, but you’ll have personal assistance in the event of deposit and withdrawal processing, too. This means that, should you ever experience any time-out delays when depositing funds, you’ll be personally assisted by your account manager or a member of the casino’s VIP support team to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently. The high roller casinos we review will display their available VIP deposit and withdrawal options on the banking pages of their specific websites, meaning all you need to do is pay them a visit to browse the list prior to registering an account.

As most, if not all, the casinos reviewed and recommended by The High Roller Casino feature live chat support, you’re welcome to make contact with the casino, asking as many banking- or casino-related questions as you like before signing up to play. This will give you an excellent overview of what to expect from them on a service level, too.

VIP Support

Exclusive support from a dedicated casino host is one of several members-only benefits that high rollers can expect to be privy to once hand-picked for a VIP programme. Your online casino of choice will clearly communicate once a personal support host or account manager has been assigned to you, and you can expect not only regular follow-ups, check-ins and chats in the days, weeks and months to follow, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your queries will always receive top priority. That’s right – no more speaking to several casino representatives regarding a particular matter, no more waiting around for personalised promotions…everything will be handed to you on a Privé platter, with the highest level of service ever received, to boot.

Of course, besides your own private account manager, you’ll also have the regular services of the casino at your disposal. This means that you’ll receive a range of regular promotions to take part in, as well as access to all the best games over and above the extra casino perks you qualify for as a VIP.

Cashing in on Exclusive Casino Welcome Bonuses

It’s a myth that VIPs and high rollers qualify for exclusive casino welcome bonuses other than the sign up offer displayed on site, however – and this is a BIG however – VIPs and high rollers certainly do – and will – qualify for exclusive offers. If you’re currently signed up to play at an online casino that doesn’t provide you with personalised promotions, then we at The High Roller Casino are here to tell you that they simply can’t call themselves a VIP casino otherwise. Demand exclusive bonus offers, and if you don’t get your way, then take it as a sign that it may be time to move to a casino that rewards your loyalty the way it deserves to be.

A Word on Responsible Gambling

Now that you know who qualifies as a high roller or VIP, what benefits await for online casino players in this category and how to make the most of your personalised perks, we at The High Roller Casino site would be remiss if we didn’t discuss one important topic: gambling responsibly. While affluent players who are part of a VIP programme tend to have a generous supply of disposable income to enjoy on casino entertainment, it would do well for any online player to know their limits and familiarise themselves with signs of problem gambling. The sites we review are hand-picked based on their commitment to responsible gaming and the visibility of this on their high roller casino pages. Responsible gambling links are generally located at the bottom of any casino page and often direct VIP players to a self-test form where they will be prompted to answer a series of questions related to their personal gambling behaviours.

Here at The High Roller Casino, we’d advise regular self-tests to ensure spending at your designated VIP casino is always in line with affordability. Stick

The casinos featured on The High Roller Casino support responsible gambling, and in no way encourage players to wager in increments beyond their means. All material contained herein is purely for informational purposes.

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