Online live dealer Roulette puts the magic, the mystique, and the amazing winning opportunities of the premier casino game in easy reach of high rollers 24 hours a day. Find out what you need to know about betting on the famous wheel and start playing at the best sites.


From a distance, Roulette can seem like a daunting game, but as anyone who has played it at a good quality highroller casino will agree, it’s as easy as pie. We can sum it up by saying that to play the game, you guess which of the wheel pockets will be the one the ball lands in at the end of the wheel’s spin. The dealer spins the wheel when the betting closes and announces the result at the end of the round.

You can place outside bets such as odd/even, red/black, low/high (1-18/19-36), and dozens, which you’ll find on the grid’s outer edge. You also have the option of betting on specific numbers when playing live dealer Roulette. Known as inside bets, those options are inside the grid.


Historically, Roulette has been played in the iconic European, French, and American variations. However, the top live casino game providers have created a range of other editions based on the classics, giving you plenty of choice.

The European and French variants use wheels with black and red pockets numbered 1 – 36 and with a green 0 pocket. European live dealer Roulette offers outside and inside bets, and the French version adds a third set of betting options to those. The American version uses a wheel that has an additional green pocket marked 00, which gives the game a higher house edge. Among the new variants are Double Ball and Auto Slingshot editions, as well as games that incorporate RNG elements.


Online Roulette is a wonderful option to have when all you want are a few quick bets on the wheel. The games are fast, the results are fair, the graphics are lifelike, and it’s just you and the software. The live casino games are run by dealers who use custom-made wheels to determine the results, and all the action is relayed to you in real-time.


If you’re in the mood for the suspense-filled yet fun atmosphere of the tables as you would enjoy in land-based venues, live dealer Roulette is the way to go. The tables are run by charming dealers who use custom-made wheels, and the games have live chat features that players use to chat to each other. In our experience, the selection of live dealer games is more varied than those that use RNG software. Whether you play as inspired in the moment, or you implement Roulette strategy, there is plenty for you to enjoy in the best live highroller casinos.


Our recommended live dealer Roulette games are powered by premium software, so you can indulge in the thrills on your Android or iOS mobile device. You can do this in browser after signing into your account at a recommended casino.


How do I know that live dealer online Roulette results are fair?

You are assured of fair results if you play the live Roulette games we recommend, as they are licensed and regulated, which means the equipment is tested independently on a regular basis.

Can I find live dealer Roulette at every casino recommended for high rollers?

No, as some sites limit their gaming offering to RNG games. Use our casino reviews to find sites with live dealer games.

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