Microgaming in conjunction with Crazy Tooth Studios is once again heading to ancient Rome. Only, in this case the result is anything but predictable. In this The High Roller Casino review we take a look at Aureus, an online slot that truly bucks trends, and tries something different.

First and foremost, Aureus is a high roller slot with 3 reels, 5 rows, with a 96% RTP. But that is as much as can be said about standard conventions, given that everything else about this unique online slot is outside the norm. The reels do not spin, and instead the payout system referred to as CoinVerge is utilised. CoinVerge involves a pair of brackets that move alongside the grid, and when stopping dictate a zone in which coins are gathered, counting towards the payout for that spin.


But first let’s take a look at the visuals. The High Roller Casino team is always pleased to see a graphical style that goes above and beyond the norm, and in that regard, Aureus certainly scores full marks. This is ancient Rome as never before seen, with an art style that is as peculiar as it is mesmerising. Pillars and intricate stone temples populate the background, while assumedly Jupiter is seen standing upon a mighty podium.

Players will quickly come to respect mighty Jupiter, as he is the ally that will trigger some of the biggest online slot payouts. Plus, this being a high roller slot, make no mistake that the payouts can be impressive, with the maximum possible win being 2,431x the original wager.


At The High Roller Casino we love creative bonuses, and it is no exaggeration to say that we loved what Aureus had to offer in the bonus department. There are numerous special coins that can appear on the reels, each providing a different benefit. When collected, the Bonus Coins unleash their magic. Coins to look out for are Multipliers, Upgrades, Collect Column, Collect all, and Respins. The effects more or less speak for themselves.

As far as the Respin feature is concerned, it is worth noting that the feature can be retriggered, meaning that potentially massive payouts can be earned.

Additionally, The Lightning Feature is where Jupiter steps in to lend a helping hand. At random the feisty God may strike the online slot’s reels, adjusting the CoinVerge brackets to create a perfect match, and therefore providing a potentially lucrative round.


The High Roller Casino team were impressed by Aureus, noting that it is one of few online slots that truly attempt to do things differently, and succeed with flying colours. From the unusual art style to the exciting new CoinVerge system and the host of great specials, this is a winner. Those interested in trying it out themselves can do so at one of our top recommended casinos. Remember that if an online casino is on our list, it is certainly one of the best of the best!

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