iGaming studio Microgaming have a reputation for releasing ground-breaking high roller slots, so their latest creation, Aliya’s Wishes, has generated a fair amount buzz. The 5 reel, 3 row game online slots game has now gone live, and it seems as if it was well worth the wait.

Featuring 20 paylines, a 96% RTP, and offering a maximum payout of 3,715x your original bet, this is an excellent addition to the Microgaming catalogue. A Rolling Reel system is also in use, backed by Multiplier Trail and Win Booster features, all in all making this is a high roller casino game that delivers in all departments.


Firstly, Aliya’s Wishes is nothing short of breath-taking in terms of graphics. Anyone that’s read 1001 Arabian Nights will immediately recognise the theme as a retelling of Aladdin and his magic lamp. Only in this case, it is Aliya, though she is facing the same tough choices as Aladdin. A genie has been released and is granting wishes. What will Aliya - and by extension you - choose?

The theme has been carried over to the symbols, with treasure chests, the magic lamp, and a cast of interesting central characters. It isn’t an original theme as far as online slots go, but it has been given such incredible attention to detail that players will certainly be impressed.


No high roller slot would be complete without some amazing special features, and Aliya’s Wishes has all that and more! As with many games that use Rolling Reels, the game is based around chained wins. Which is to say; as symbols match and disappear, replacements fall in to occupy empty space. This means that numerous wins are possible off a single win, depending on luck.

In this case, however, each consecutive win comes with an added multiplier. The multiplier climbs higher with each consecutive win in a single spin, potentially going as high as a generous 5x. Though, it can get even higher during the Free Spins feature.

If Magic Lamp Scatters are matched, up to 40 Free Spins can be awarded. During the Free Spins, the Multiplier Trail is dialled up to impressive heights. When maxed out at 21x, each spin can be a mini jackpot all of its own. This is the sort of online slots magic that Microgaming is known for.

Lastly is the Win Booster feature. This can be turned on as the player prefers and will crank the already generous game up to overdrive. Now Free Spins multipliers can go as high as 50x. Though, as would be expected, wagering amounts are also significantly higher.


With impressive graphics and innovative features, Aliya’s Wishes is the sort of Microgaming high roller slot that will keep you coming back for more. Players interested in trying it out for themselves can head over to a Betsson, a high roller casino favourite. Betsson offers a safe, secure and regulated environment for anyone looking to spin the reels, and there really is no better place to try Aliya’s Wishes in style!

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