It is relatively well known that the 4 kings in a deck of cards are actually based around real historical figures. There is some debate as to which historical figures, exactly, but that didn’t stop Microgaming from taking the concept to the next level. In the developer’s Kings Of Cash online slot the 4 kings are brought to life, given fun personalities, and transformed into an entertaining high roller slot.

It’s an interesting idea as far as slot themes are concerned, and when backed by 5 reels, 15 paylines, a 96.60% RTP, plus a handful of interesting special features, the result is something rather unique. At The High Roller Casino we love online slots that go the whole 9 yards with their theme, and that is certainly the case in Kings Of Cash. 


It is widely agreed that a high roller slot is more about gameplay than graphics, but in the case of Kings Of Cash both dazzling visuals and outstanding gameplay have been delivered in equal amounts. Each of the kings is expertly animated, demonstrating some of the incredible talent at Microgaming. When matched, a king will briefly come to life, showcasing the unique personality that has been assigned to them. It won’t be long before a player gets familiar with each king and understands what they’re all about. It’s the sort of detail that makes an online slot something special, and at The High Roller Casino we’re always on the lookout for that sort of design passion.

Besides the 4 high paying kings, there are a few other special symbols to keep an eye out for. These includes the Crown, which acts as a Scatter, and the Dollar, which acts as the bonus.


Kings Of Cash is an online slot that is all about the bonus mini-game. When at least 3 Scatters are matched, the player is taken to a new screen. Here the player will be faced by a grid of facedown cards and must start turning them over. When 3 of a kind are revealed, the jackpot associated with that king will be paid out.

The second special feature is triggered by matching 3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols, which will result in 10, 15 or 25 Free Spins respectively. The kicker is that during Free Spins all wins are instantly doubled, which creates the sort of payout potential that really can be a king’s ransom.


Kings Of Cash is another fine online slot from Microgaming, and certainly worth a look. Those interested in trying it out for themselves can check out a top online casino recommended by us at The High Roller Casino. We only recommend the best of the best, so rest assured that all of our suggestions feature not only the latest cutting edge high limit games, but also provide regular bonuses, outstanding service, and incredible value for money. Choose a site we recommend for a real royal reel spinning experience.

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