Yggdrasil Secure New Online Casino Deal

Keri Cairns - 30-04-2020

iGaming developer Yggdrasil Gaming have been on a roll. The company announced a second strategic online casino partnership, with the first being confirmed only one week prior. The latest deal is with acclaimed gaming supplier Azure Tech, a company that is firmly focused on the lucrative Asian iGaming market.

The details of the partnership allow Azure Tech access to Yggdrasil Gaming’s operating platform, which includes the advanced technology solution known as GATI. Additionally, the built in promotional tool, Boost, will also be included, all of which firmly sets up the developer within the Yggdrasil Gaming platform network.

Of course, the partnership also means that Azure Tech will be allowed to release their own online casino content through the network, gaining them a further global reach than ever before. Though the slots created by the platform provider will also be made available, drastically increasing the size of developer’s overall content library.

Expansion Through Innovation

COO of the studio, Cora Chen, made a few comments about the partnership. Chen explained that the company was delighted to be entering into cooperation with one of the most innovative and professional platform providers in the world, and that the opportunity for expansion had never been greater.

Chen elaborated that, as a whole, Yggdrasil Gaming had demonstrated an incredible dedication to not only being responsive and helpful, but also to delivering revolutionary technology that was nothing short of ground-breaking. Chen concluded by stating that taking full advantage of GATI, and using the technology to its full potential, was something that the whole team was looking forward to.

Gaining Momentum

Head of publishing at Yggdrasil, Björn Krantz, was equally excited about the deal. He first reiterated that it was the second deal of this type his company had secured in just two weeks, which demonstrated the incredible forward momentum being achieved. Though he quickly added that the success was all thanks to the impressive, flexible GATI technology, which provided every partner with a distinct advantage in the highly competitive online casino market.

Krantz explained that, using GATI, all content creators that were part of the network were able to quickly and easily cross-sell their software, which allowed for massive distribution potential, portfolio expansion, and an additional revenue stream.

Krantz concluded by saying that it was an exciting time for him, his company, and all the business entities that had decided to enter into a strategic online casino agreement.

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