Yggdrasil Rolls Out Jackpot TopUp Slots Feature

Keri Cairns - 15-04-2020

Yggdrasil Gaming has been going all out to provide only the best in innovative online casino entertainment. The developer’s latest invention, Jackpot TopUp, is yet another exciting feature from the brand. The new feature will allow operator partners to offer players super-boosted jackpot prize pools, and will promote player retention. Increasing the size as well as the frequency of slot’s wins has been proven to retain more players for longer, as better bonuses enhance the overall gaming experience.

Jackpot TopUp basically hands the control back to the online casino operator, allowing the operational team to decide for itself the when and the how much for every particular win and jackpot bonus. Basic RTP percentages remain intact, but operators are now free to increase wins and frequency as they please and see fit according to their individual needs and marketing budgets. Because that’s exactly what Jackpot TopUp essentially is, which is a superb marketing tool.

Marketing Makes The Business

Perhaps the best thing about marketing tools is that they allow online casinos to run special marketing campaigns. These may involve one or two, or even more slots at a time, depending on a variety of factors such as theme, duration of the campaign, budget, and so on. What makes a tool like Jackpot TopUp especially useful is that it functions especially well in heavily crowded online gaming markets where the competition is quite stiff.

Jackpot TopUp may be integrated into any one of Yggdrasil’s existing bonus feature games. This means that not only is the operator at liberty to decide how much to spend on a campaign, but also which slots to run alongside those campaigns. Last-mentioned decision will be based mainly on popularity ratings, the launching of new slots for the first time, etc. The possibilities are endless.

More Variety Than Ever

And as far as local jackpot slots developed by Yggdrasil Gaming go, there is no shortage of supply. Yggdrasil has developed literally hundreds of jackpot slots over the years. Popular at the moment are online casino games like Jackpot Raiders, Joker Millions, Ozwin’s Jackpots and The Stolen Stones – and there are many, many more where these come from.

Yggdrasil Gaming is doing all it can to help online casinos remain relevant in an industry quickly becoming more and more populated, as more operators meet licensing agreements and are able to join in.

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