NetEnt Expands Live Casino Game Operations

Keri Cairns - 09-10-2020

NetEnt Live
Respected Swedish iGaming developer NetEnt are clearly leaning into the live casino game market, having recently announced that a big expansion is on the way. A spokesperson for the company revealed that three new live Blackjack tables are set to be added to the cutting edge, Malta based broadcast studio, dramatically increasing player capacity.

Though, this is not the only expansion of this kind that the studio has invested in. Not long two other new tables were also announced. Though, in that case, the two tables are entirely dedicated to operator EveryMatrix.

Either way, that the studio is expanding its live casino game offerings so rapidly is testimony to not only the growing popularity of the sector, but also to the confidence that the company has in future potential.

Logical Expansion

NetEnt Live representative, Andres Rengifo, elaborated on the situation. He stated plainly that the studio’s initial live casino game tables saw massive success. So, he continued, it was only logical that the Malta broadcast studio be expanded. He elaborated that projected growth for the sector is immense, and that adding new tables was simply a means to be prepared, and meet that growth in advance.

Amund Stensland, of EveryMatrix, echoed Rengifo’s thoughts. He first referred to NetEnt as a valuable partner, saying that they were the perfect company to help drive sustainable growth. He then reiterated that there was enormous potential to be unlocked in the live casino game sector, though, elaborated that it would take exceptional foresight and planning to harness the potential, and retain it over the long term.

Stensland concluded by declaring that live Blackjack had amazing entertainment potential, and stressed that interested players were sure to be pleased with their gameplay experience.

The Growing Offering

In regards to NetEnt Live, the platform has been around for longer than many assume. It was first introduced in 2013, but provided only a limited selection of games. However, over the years the service has been dramatically improved, undergoing a complete overhaul in 2019.

Today NetEnt Live offers games in a total of 25 languages and currencies, as well as being fully optimised for desktop computer, tablets, and even smartphones. Chroma-key technology allows each table to have an interchangeable background, and a multiple camera setup provides a variety of angles of the action.

Some of the exceptional titles now available include Perfect Blackjack and Blitz Blackjack

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