New Money Train 2 Slot Coming Soon

Keri Cairns - 20-08-2020

Money Train 2 by Relax Gaming
After the runaway success of their Money Train slot last year, Relax Gaming did the logical thing. They immediately went into production with a follow-up; Money Train 2. Releasing in September 2020, the sequel slot is being slated by the developer as one of their biggest, most highly anticipated titles of all time.

Fans of the original can expect more of the same, according to a spokesperson, which is likely exactly what fans were hoping for. Money Train 2 leans heavily into the already established themes of the first game, namely; post-apocalyptic landscapes, Wild West inspired characters, and a dizzying amount of big win potential. Big win potential to the tune of 50,000x the original wager, to be precise, which makes this one of the much more generous slots currently in existence.

Embrace The Apocalypse

According to a press release, in Money Train 2 the player joins four central characters as they set off for adventure across the desolate, crumbling post-apocalyptic landscapes. Given the reputation of the first game, chances are these characters will be on a mission to rob a train. An unconventional theme as far as slots go, to be sure, but it is this outlandish premise that draw interested players in the first place.

A Relax Gaming spokesperson explain that bringing the characters to life has been one of the studio’s biggest challenges to date, given that an extraordinary amount of effort has gone into the detailed animation and hand painted artwork.

No doubt fans will appreciate the effort, though, it is likely the bonus rounds and massive wins that will draw in the majority of slots enthusiasts.

Train Robbing Specials

As far as bonuses go, Money Train 2 is set to be a buffet of possibilities. First and foremost, the Cart Bonus Round is back from the original game. Not only is this special bonus an excellent experience for players, but the fact that the feature can be purchased at any time has also made it a big earner for the developer.

Apart from the return of the Cart Bonus Round, a spokesperson hinted that a new, revolutionary feature is also being introduced. Though what that is remains to be seen, as the studio is being tight-lipped about it for the time being. But suggestions are that dynamic extra reels may be in the slot, which is an interesting concept that certainly has potential.

Money Train 2 is due out next month, and chances are it is likely to make as much of a splash as the original did.

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