GamCare Launch New Online Casino Program

Keri Cairns - 18-05-2021

GamCare Launch New Online Casino Program
Not only are young people experiencing parental problem gambling with increased frequency, but they themselves are battling with problem behaviour too. This according to a word of strong caution recently issued by problem gambling watchdog and online casino industry aid, GamCare.

GamCare issued the statement and warning after data accumulated by the National Gambling Helpline revealed that at least seven out of every 10 callers under the age of 18 were not only regularly gambling online, but also had no idea about the perils of irresponsible gambling.

Around 77 per cent of all young callers reported gambling online – including on eSports, loot boxes, and social gambling, which typically involves betting on skins and other in-game assets, said GamCare.  

2020 A Challenging Year

According to GamCare’s Anna Hemmings, 2020 was a difficult year especially for younger people. They’ve had to increasingly look for their entertainment online, all of which had led them to resort to online casino offerings as a means to pass the time in isolation.

Making the situation even more difficult for parents trying to establish whether their children had been displaying problem behaviour, is the fact that young people are typically prone to age-related challenges, including isolative and withdrawing behaviour.

Parents as such report that it becomes nearly impossible for them to tell whether youngsters are merely acting out in a normal manner by turning to their friends and other entertainment online, or whether they’re actually gambling their time away aimlessly and possibly irresponsibly.

BigDeal By GamCare

In order to help parents and other supporting individuals to better manage not only their own gambling behaviour, but also that of their offspring, GamCare has now launched a special new online casino initiative called BigDeal.

Easily and freely accessible online, BigDeal is a website that provides to young people information on responsible gambling in a language and lingo that they are able to understand – i.e., a current and youngster-friendly communication and aid.

GamCare furthermore admonishes that in addition to online help and resources such as BigDeal, it has become imperative that responsible gambling becomes part of the official school curriculum. The safer gambling watchdog says it is of the opinion that this will create better and more widespread awareness about gambling and associated behaviour – whether healthy or problematic.

The essence of the matter is that gambling can be a constructive form of online entertainment and relaxation for persons of a legal age, but that online casino activities must be managed in such a way that youngsters are better informed.

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