Record NetEnt Progressive Jackpot Slots Win

Keri Cairns - 10-09-2020

Mega Fortune Dreams
It seems as if just about every iGaming studio are introducing a progressive jackpot system of their own, which is certainly livening up the online casino world in general. One of the more established studios to do so is NetEnt, who originally released Mega Fortune, followed by Mega Fortune Dreams. The slot works similarly to others in the genre, namely being based around the idea that any single spin can result in a massive payout.

Mega Fortune Dreams doesn’t compare to some of the more astoundingly high progressive jackpots out there, but then few are going to complain about winning more than €300,000 at an online casino. Certainly not the lucky player that grabbed the second tier amount in Mega Fortune Dreams, managing to set a record for the studio in the process.

It is a groundbreaking payout for NetEnt and has certainly made the day of at least 1 slots enthusiast out there.

Setting Records

Interestingly, the progressive jackpot system used by NetEnt works somewhat differently to the likes of Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. NetEnt pays out a reasonably big jackpot every 8 days or so, compared to Mega Moolah, which may pay out bigger, but only does so on average about once every 8 weeks.

The average big payout for Mega Fortune Dreams is around €72,800. Though, the latest big win sat at €333,817, beating the previous highest of €310,377. This previous record amount was hit back in 2016, meaning that it has been some time since a step up.

Looking at the statistics more closely, 262 Major Jackpots have been paid out since 2014, which is a great deal more than one might expect.

Win On Any Spin

As with all progressive jackpot slots, NetEnt’s version follows the standard rules. Namely, any spin can ultimately result in the biggest cash prizes being awarded. In this case, no specific wager amount is required, and no special requirements must be met. It is simply a case of spinning, crossing fingers, praying to Lady Luck, and hoping.

In terms of in-game bonus mechanics, players are potentially granted a spin on the Jackpot Wheel, with 4 tiers of prizes being available. The highest, the Major Jackpot, is what triggers the progressive jackpot payout. But even the lesser 3 tiers are nothing to sneeze at, offering up decent cash rewards of their own.

All of NetEnt’s online and mobile optimised slots are hugely popular, but more players might be spinning the reels of Mega Fortune Dreams after this latest win.

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