AAAArthur Wins Big in Sunday Million Poker

Keri Cairns - 07-04-2020

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A 25-cents investment was all it took for Brazil-based online Poker champion “AAAArthur” to seal the deal on a fantastic $1,192,802 in first-place prize money during this year’s Sunday Million 14th Anniversary edition. Quite incredibly, in terms of the gigantic prize pool accumulated leading up to the event, AAAArthur’s paycheck amounted to all that was left of the original $1,509,390.01 after the two remaining players at the final “table” had reached a last-men-remaining deal among themselves.

The fact that live Poker cannot be played right now due to social distancing guidelines and the coronavirus hasn’t stopped the world’s best Poker minds from convening in order to create one of the most successful online events that the world has ever seen. This speaks a great deal in terms of the adaptability not only of humans but also of the industry at large. The message is clear: Poker will live on irrespective of what challenges may come.

He Battled And He Conquered

The final dual came down to a battle of the masters, as AAAArthur went head to head with worthy competitor CrAzY-sTeFaN. The deal was eventually agreed to and $50,000 remained in play and on the table for good exciting measure, mainly for the benefit of the online gathering that looked on as the last of the riveting action unfolded.

For winner AAAArthur it all came down to a simple yet incredible feat of his having worked his way from a rather humble satellite event starting point that cost him no more than a quarter. He soon added multiple-fold value to his initial investment when he won entry into a $4 satellite event, and this in turn led to his having been on the loose on the better end of a $11 satellite event. The $11 was the eventual qualifier to the 14th Anniversary Sunday Million; a run-up that would see the man of the hour crowned the richest king of Sunday Millions yet in the history of the online Poker bonanza.

 A Very Special Birthday

The most recent Sunday Million event obviously meant more to many others than winning millions of dollars in cash prize money meant to some. Online Poker giant PokerStars this year celebrated a superb 14th anniversary of Sunday Million; an anniversary event that just so happened to offer to players the most money in terms of a prize pool ever on the table in the entire history of PokerStars.

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