UK Gambler Wins $2.3M Casino Lawsuit

Keri Cairns - 12-04-2021

Felix Auger-Aliassime
When UK gambler Andrew Green from Lincolnshire, England, hit the ultimate jackpot on Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack on Betfred in January of 2018, he could hardly contain his excitement about everything he planned to do with his humungous $2.3 million casino windfall. His happiness was however short-lived, as he was soon after informed that an in-game defect had been at play at the time of his big win, and that Betfred would not be forthcoming with his winnings.

But following a High Court ruling late last week, Green once again has much to smile about. After the court ruled itself in agreement with the player’s claim of the casino operator having had not enough evidence to support its cop-out, Andrew Green will eventually receive his winnings more than three years later.

Betfred To Pay After Defect

London’s High Court on Wednesday ordered Betfred to pay to Green the full amount as per the originally awarded jackpot.

After hearing arguments from counsels representing both sides, the court ruled that the casino had indeed not presented the player with any proof of the supposed defect present in Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack at the time of the jackpot-award. Green said Betfred had fully led him to believe that he was indeed the winner of the massive landfall, and that the operator had even advised him to open several bank accounts in his name so as to spread out his newly acquired funds and winnings.

Goodwill Offer “Insulting”

According to Green’s lawyer, Peter Coyle, the casino operator had in 2018 come to the table with a settlement proposal – which included a non-disclosure agreement.

An amount of $82,416 had been offered to Green by Betfred as what the operator referred to at the time as a gesture of goodwill. Green had however rejected the casino’s settlement offer, referring to the gesture as nothing short of an insult.

What had ultimately proved the undoing of Betfred’s defense had been the inadequate wording of the operator’s terms and conditions. According to Judge Justice Foster’s final ruling on the matter, Betfred’s decision to fail to pay to Green his rightful Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack winnings had shown the operator to lack both fairness as well as transparency.

Green following the most recent ruling described himself as been happy and incredibly relieved. According to lawyer Peter Coyle, the hope is that the ruling will inspire others like Green to challenge large companies in a court of law.

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