Crown Perth Casino Says No To High Rollers

Keri Cairns - 04-03-2021

Crown Perth Casino Says No To High Rollers
High rollers will no longer be permitted to spend their millions at Crown Perth Casino. This after a recent decision passed by Western Australia’s Gaming and Wagering Commission (GWC) – a decision taken as part of a drive to eliminate junket operations.

Crown Resorts late last week confirmed that the ban was being strongly considered by the gaming authority, with Crown Perth saying it would no longer tolerate being made to participate in any junket activities – with premium player spend or privileged play all part of what is about to get formally axed. 

Non-Resident High-Rollers Targeted

Specifically included in the recent decision to terminate are table games typically populated by non-Australians. Crown Perth previously had several arrangements in place that provided for high-rolling patrons to be wined, dined, and transported. These arrangements were commission-based and were designed to keep big spenders happy and coming back for more.

The latest direction by the GWC follows a recent call for an investigation into Crown Resorts’ suitability to be holding a casino licence for Crown Perth in the first place. If the direction were in fact approved, such an approval would likely lead to an enquiry under the authority of the Minister for Racing, Gaming, and Liquor. The Minister would be at liberty to delve deep into matters unearthed by a similar licensing inquiry carried out in February in New South Wales.

The gaming authority has already committed itself to ban all junket operations in New South Wales as well as Western Australia. The recommendation was first made by a Bergin Report submitted before the authority’s commission.

Crown Facing Many Difficulties

Crown furthermore faces a Royal Commission in Melbourne, which is of course the home of its flagship Crown Melbourne Casino & Resort.

Government announced late last week that it expects the entire commissioning process to be completed within 2021.

The proposed high-rollers ban isn’t anticipated to have much of a short-term impact on Crown Perth’s operations in general – and especially so since recent travel bans and restrictions have already brought about a high-roller standstill, and so many players have opted to seek out high stakes games online. The casino operator has in the meantime committed itself to co-operating fully with the Western Australia inquiry. According to Executive Chairman Helen Coonan, the operator wants to play a positive and constructive role in the process of regaining regulatory and public confidence.

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