Online Casinos Use AI Tech For Responsible Gambling

Keri Cairns - 17-02-2021

Artificial Intelligence
Age-checker online service provider and business integration leader AgeChecked has partnered with Rdentify in an effort to better identify vulnerable online casino customers through machine learning technology. With responsible gambling a recurring theme all over the regulated gambling world, the use of AI technology is proving a valuable asset within the context of safer gambling.

Rdentify makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to monitor the live chats engaged in between customers. Based on a score allocated to each customer, the technology is then able to perform a risk analysis based on the gambling-related harm profile of individuals.

The technology, based on the score and risk-profile of the individual customer, is then able to highlight and identify the early signs of problem gambling behaviour. 

How The System Works

The scoring system works in real time and connects to a company’s CRM by using a traffic light system to establish the level of gambling risk. Once such a risk has been identified at an online casino, instances of concern are then brought to the attention of the operator’s customer support team.

Team members are then able to deal with each situation on an individual basis, and in compliance with the service provider’s safer gambling protocols and policies. Staff are able to respond to the situation either via the company’s own CRM, or through Rdentify’s specialised API.

Doing The Humanly Impossible

The online casino system has shown itself to be superbly effective because of the very fact that problem gambling behaviour can be so subtle and as such, difficult to identify. This is true especially during the beginning stages of the emergence of the problem.

What the system does is to identify a possible problem, and then notify the operator of that problem as soon as it’s been detected. This means that the partnership between AgeChecked and Rdentify will lead to online casino operators benefiting from the aid provided in terms of the monitoring of their customers. Providers are then better able to comply with their own particular region’s licensing conditions.

Making problem gambling difficult to identify by means of traditional read through means is the sheer number of live chats happening on a daily basis. But by integrating the technology co-developed by Rdentify and AgeChecked, operators are instantly able to track user behaviour across literally millions of user chats happening on their platforms.

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