Casino Company 888 Appoints New CSO

Keri Cairns - 16-11-2020

Casino Company 888 Appoints New CSO
Casino mega-corporation 888 Holdings has made a bold move, poaching industry veteran Vaughan Lewis from Flutter Entertainment. His role at the competitor company was transformational lead, focused primarily on international business for the corporation. The role existed due to Flutter Entertainment’s massive acquisition of The Stars Group in May.

From next year, however, Lewis will be serving as chief strategy officer for 888 Holdings. Interestingly enough, the role did not exist prior to this latest move, suggesting that it was created entirely as a means to give the new hire a position within in the casino company’s corporate structure.

Either way, he will start his new job in 2021.

A Closer Look

Looking more closely at Lewis, the man certainly has a long history in the casino industry. Prior to Flutter Entertainment, he served as senior vice president of communications for globally recognised firm PokerStars. Beyond even that he served at Sky Betting and Gaming, acting as director of corporate development.

If going even further back it can be seen that Lewis was initially a research analyst for Morgan Stanley, before moving on to the more operational roles within bigger corporations.

Now, as chief strategy officer with 888 Holdings, he will be reporting to Itai Pazner, who has the position of chief executive. His job will entail, according to a press release, identifying long term strategic business opportunities for the corporation, and ultimately executing those strategies based around initial research.

Additionally, he will also have relations with Yariv Dafna, who acts as finance chief, where he will assist with strategies regarding casino investor relations.

Harnessing Industry Experience

Itai Pazner made a statement, elaborating on the evolving situation. He confessed to being thrilled that Lewis was joining the team, pointing out that the man was not only highly experienced in the casino industry, but also immensely professional in his dealings.

Pazner went on to say that he looked forward to harnessing the immense experience, and translating it into further growth opportunities for the firm, well into the future.

Lewis made a statement of his own, praising his new employees as a leader of the industry. He pointed out that 888 Holdings demonstrated incredible growth and marketing expertise, making them nothing short of a dream to work for.

He concluded by saying simply that he was delighted to have been given the opportunity, and would was looking forward to help drive further growth.

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