2 Fugaso Slots Jackpots Won In 1 Day

Keri Cairns - 16-04-2020

Two very lucky online players managed to each bank a Fugaso Mini jackpot within the same hour, pocketing €200,000 and €20,000 respectively. The money was won on the brand’s popular online slots, Trump It Deluxe and Book of Tattoo. Both slots are part of Fugaso’s progressive jackpot network, and both wins were registered on the company’s BETB2B brands.

Content is king at Fugaso and as such, the supplier has a range of shared content agreements in place with a wide variety of licensed suppliers from all over the world. This makes for a great deal of variety on its proprietary platform – variety that benefits players in terms of an engaging online gaming experience. Fugaso is constantly working toward the goal of making available more slots and more jackpots available to players. At the end of the day, all of the casino games on Fugaso’s impressive platform combine to form one massive progressive jackpot network.

Landing a Jackpot Win

Each and every slot in the Fugaso network is linked, and for every bet placed, a portion flows into a single prize pool. This means more money and also more options. Fugaso casino games typically offer 3 types of jackpots: Mini, Midi and Maxi. These jackpots apply to every single spin of the reels on every single slot on offer.

Jackpots are triggered completely at random, which makes it all to be terribly exciting a gaming affair. This is also the reason behind the two players having been able to strike gold on the same day, let alone within the very same hour, and for such large amounts.  

Combining For Big Wins

As the jackpots are contributed to by all games connected to the central network, they continue to grow as players place their bets. This is what enables these casino games to pay out such massive sums of money, and for the prize pools to grow so rapidly. The more players spinning the reels, the greater the payouts up for grabs.

Fugaso is all about variety and choice and has ensured that its network of progressive jackpot slots caters for every preference, and bankroll size. The casino games featured are of the highest quality only, and include titles like Cosa Nostra, Clash of Gods, and The Mummy 2018. We expect to hear more good things about this iGaming brand in future, and of plenty more big wins too!

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